I'm a New Orleans based composer, audio engineer, and sound designer with a passion for making things sound good! I pride myself on making sounds and soundtracks that fit perfectly into your project, though I make plenty of music that's free to use under a Creative Commons- Attribution licenses for creators on a budget. Check out some of my work!

Free to use Music!

Much of my music is released under creative commons licenses, making it free to use in any project with attribution!

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I pride myself on delivering music that enhances, and delivering it on time.


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If you need music, mixing, or sound effects for your project, check out some of my finest!


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Check out some recent projects I've made music and sound effects for!

Game Credits

Commissions Open

Free to Use Creative Commons Music

These works are released under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence. (CC-BY 4.0 International)

This means they are free to use, including for commercial works, as long as I am credited somewhere in the project or description.

For more information, visit creativecommons.org

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